New PCIT Certification Assures High-Quality Parenting Coaching for Encompass Families

By Liann Smith, Washington State Parent Support Specialist & Encompass PCIT CoachLiann

Here is a mouthful — “Washington State PCIT Parent Support Specialist.” What does that mean? It is a certification that is 3 years in the making. In 2011, I had been practicing as a Parent coach for two years, using a very good curriculum, but I still had parents struggling with their child’s misbehaviors. As I researched more tools, I found Parent Child Interaction Training (PCIT). It is a set of parenting tools that increases emotional connection and control with a child and teaches parents how to set calm, predictable limits. Best of all, the parent is taught specific skills and then coached while they interact with their child in a playroom via an ear bud (the coach views the parent-child through a one -way viewing window).

To earn this certification, I engaged in the 40 hours of direct teaching from the University of Washington at Harborview medical Center. The next step was a one-year internship with monthly fellowship phone calls with our trainer. Next was submitting three DVD recordings demonstrating the coaching skills specific to PCIT and having a live observation with my trainer. Lastly, was an application process with PCIT International, meeting all the requirements to take the certification examination. On August 29th, 2014 I passed the PCIT International exam.

Why is this important for local families? It ensures a high quality of parent coaching. Although this process was rigorous, it was surely worth it. I learned to be precise with the tools of Parent Child Interaction Training. And the certification affirms PCIT as an evidenced-based practice, meaning there are specific assessments in place that guide the coach for predictable outcomes. The outcomes increase emotional connection between parent and child and decrease negative behaviors of the child. Simply put, families enjoy one another.

When families come to see me for the first time, I always explain to the child that I am their parent’s teacher. They always smile at this statement. I tell the child, “Your parents told me they don’t want to be good parents, they want to be GREAT parents.” With the tools of Parent Child Interaction Training, I truly do help parents be GREAT parents.

Here is a video outlining what the Encompass PCIT lab looks like, how the coach interacts with families and some of the tools you will learn if you engage with Parent Child Interaction Training. VIDEO — 

Call 425.888.2777 for more information on how your family can participate in PCIT.

Click here for more information about PCIT International.


Dear Moms – your skills, time and energy are valued!

momsoctSometimes, a mom takes a sabbatical from work in order to focus on her children and family—but that doesn’t mean she no longer has skills to contribute or a yearning for a “professional” network of mothers who are on a similar journey in life!

In 2013, Susan Husa, a local mom of two children, saw a need for a professional networking group for moms in the Snoqualmie Valley so she rallied friends, asked Encompass for support and pulled it together last September in the form of a new parenting support group called Moms which falls within the Encompass Parenting Education and Support program. The group was such a success that it was voted 1st runner up as “Most-Loved Parenting Support Group” by Macaroni Kid readers and the officers were recognized in June by the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network and the King County City Council for commitment and inspiration to community.

You can enjoy the results of Susan’s vision the 3rd Tuesday of the month (Sep – May) from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. at Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church. The next meeting is Tuesday, Oct 21 and focuses on tips to raise an emotionally-healthy child—we hope to see you there! More details here.

While the officers of Moms strive to build community, they also hope to inspire every mother to know she has skills that are appreciated and needed! If you are a mom that wants to refresh your skills or learn new ones, Moms and Encompass are interested in your contribution of time, energy and creativity. Lisa Yeager, Manager of the Volunteer Program at Encompass, would love to chat with you to explore ways you might use your interests, hobbies and skills to nurture children, enrich families and inspire community. You can contact her at or call 425-888-2777.

If you’re still uncertain, read more about how the officers of Moms donate their time.

The Moms planning team is comprised of a handful of local stay-at-home and working mothers with children ranging in age from 2 to teens! Susan has a background in Management Development. She was joined by Laura Rosner, who created the social media presence via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and has a background in wealth management and private banking. She was assisted by Colleen Burin, a content strategist for Microsoft and, as of July, a staff member at Encompass (communications). Janelle Coughran, has a Master’s Degree in education and experience in marketing and public relations. She coordinates the marketing for the moms group while being on the SVA staff. Recently, this amazing team of ladies was joined by Denise Myers, a former district manager of Walgreens and currently a personal executive leadership and teams coach as well as business owner of YBR (coaching talent combined with business consulting company).

Kerry Beymer (parenting education and support) and Rochelle Clayton-Strunk (education programs) from Encompass round out the team as advisors. This team hopes to welcome, inform and inspire every mother in the Valley through its meetings, its content on social media and via the friends you make through the group.

Moms is an authentic group that includes all mothers and engages its members with respect. It is a place to connect with peers, be informed and inspired. Moms provides resources that 1) supports her as the primary caretaker of her children and 2) helps her to cultivate a home environment grounded in love and respect. Led by professional speakers and community leaders, the topics discussed during Moms monthly meetings facilitate each woman’s desire to improve in her role and provide insight to newsworthy events in the community. Moms meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of each month September – May at 9:30am. Our meeting space is made available by Snoqualmie Valley Alliance in Fall City.

Is there an upcoming event or company that local moms should know about? If the answer is “yes”, post it on the Facebook page of Moms at We rely on the community to keep us informed of the amazing opportunities in the area for families—and we are happy to get your message in front of the 500+ local mothers who follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Lisa Yeager is the Volunteer Program Manager at Encompass. You can contact her at or call 425-888-2777. She believes every person who walks through the doors of Encompass to give time, energy, creativity, money, skills or items is a donor. These contributions to this organization, children and families supports the Encompass mission to nurture children, enrich families and inspire community.

Providing opportunities for everyone to get involved is a priority for Encompass—we couldn’t do it without you and we are grateful. We have a dedicated Volunteer Manager here to show you all the ways to become part of the Encompass family and help make dreams come true within our community.

Get Involved in Your Child’s Classroom to Support Learning!

getinvolvedeeParents are welcome in their children’s classroom at Encompass! Volunteer sign-up sheets are outside of each classroom. You can join us to be a mystery reader or stay for the day as an extra pair of helping hands. To ensure you feel comfortable during your time with us, we want to share these guidelines for adults to participate in our Early Learning Community.

Self-reliance is our focus for the children. Let the children do things for themselves and enjoy how proud they are as a result. Preschoolers are a capable people!


Circle/Class meeting:

  • Sit on the floor with the children.
  • Be involved with the group.
  • Use non-verbal cues to assist children to attend to the group activity (i.e. a touch on the shoulder, a finger to the lips, a smile, eye contact, etc.).

 Small groups/Process time:

  • Sit at a table.
  • Describe what you see children doing, i.e. positive actions, this gives words for their actions. Examples: “I see you are mixing yellow and blue paint.” “You drew a smiling face.”
  • Put names on children’s work; ask first if they want to write their own name, then where do they want you to write their name on the page.
  • Remember, the child’s work is their own; they do not have to follow a model, and make it the way we think it should look.

 Work Time:

  • Teeth brushing, snack and personal choice activities take place.
  • Art supplies are set out and refilled during this time.
  • Sensory tub is uncovered.
  • Storyboards (clipboards) are around the room and individual stories can be dictated to adults.
  • Loft rules for climbing up and down: Use two hands, come down backwards (like a ladder), no long dresses or dress up shoes when climbing.


  • An adult must clean table with sanitizer before kids arrive.
  • Wash hands before sitting at the table, adults and children.
  • Food is self-served.
  • Food is placed on the table and the children get their own plate, cup, napkin and silverware.
  • The adult is to monitor quantities of food.
  • Crackers, kids count 5 at a time (good math activity).
  • Fruit, 2-3 pieces per serving.
  • Children pour their own drinks using the small pitchers.
  • Child clears his own drinks using the small pitchers.
  • Child clears his own spot and wipes the table with a paper towel.
  • Adult records who ate snack on the attendance chart.

 Teeth brushing:

  • Use a paper plate and put 14-18 dabs of toothpaste around the edge.
  • The adult removes and returns the toothbrush to the holder.
  • There can be one child at each sink.
  • Demo good brushing skills with the BIG teeth and the BIG brush as the kids are brushing their teeth.
  • When all the kids have brush, spray the sink and wipe with a paper towel.


Conflicts between children:

  • We coach and guide the children to solve their own problems (Second Step skills). If you are unsure of what to do ask a teacher to assist in the situation and you can observe and learn the skills.

Adult conversations should be minimal — this is the kids’ time for work and play. We, the adults, are here to support and encourage their discoveries, creations and learning. Please save “adult” conversations for after class or excuse yourself to the hallway.

Thank you for your help!